VDO REDI-Sensor Website Design Optimized for Easy Use on Mobile Devices

• New responsive format allows optimal viewing on every screen size

Allentown, PA (February 2015) – Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of complete OE Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), OE-engineered TPMS replacement parts and the maker of the VDO REDI-Sensor™ Multi-Application TPMS Sensor, has just launched a new and improved website for its innovative and game changing VDO REDI-Sensor TPMS sensor. The new website continues to deliver all of the features of the previous website, but has been optimized for easy viewing on all types of devices. The website can be accessed at: https://www.redi-sensor.com.

New VDO REDI-Sensor website features a responsive design that allows optimal viewing on all types of devices from smartphones to desktops.

New VDO REDI-Sensor website features a responsive design that allows optimal viewing on all types of devices from smartphones to desktops.

Optimal viewing on any screen size
The new VDO REDI-Sensor website’s design allows optimal viewing on all mobile and fixed devices. The website automatically adjusts to any screen size and makes its easier for users to view it, whether they are using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Steve Landis, head of TPMS replacement parts and automotive electronics innovation for Continental, noted, “We have a content-rich website that offers an abundance of vital information for our distributors, retailers, shops and professional installers who are working with TPMS, and we wanted to communicate our message more effectively. This new responsive design feature is an invaluable addition to the many training and information resources that our site offers, such as hands-on instructional and demonstration videos, critical vehicle specific relearn procedures and a convenient sensor application lookup.”

The website also features the “ATE-VDO Auto Parts Catalog”, an application lookup section, which allows the user to identify the proper VDO REDI-Sensor part number for a particular vehicle. The “ATE-VDO Auto Parts Catalog” can also be downloaded as a free app from the Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

In addition to basic information about the VDO REDI-Sensor program and a special section for TPMS Facts & Tips, the website offers a comprehensive library of instructional videos that will help service professionals and DIYers learn about REDI-Sensor’s many advantages and benefits. The videos cover key topics such as OBDII relearn, Chrysler OBDII relearn, magnet trigger sensor relearn, Camaro relearn, Ford push start relearn, GM key fob relearn, valve stem replacement and vehicle relearn vs. sensor programming.

The VDO REDI-Sensor Program gives every shop the ultimate TPMS service advantage by dramatically reducing the SKUs needed to service incoming customers. Only five sensor SKUs now replace over 240 OE sensors. VDO REDI-Sensor also works with all major TPMS scan tools and no new training is required. If a shop has the tools and know-how to service OE sensors, it’s ready for REDI-Sensor.

With an automotive heritage spanning from the 19th century, Continental remains as your committed partner for automotive solutions. Continental’s in-house development and manufacturing expertise includes complete Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, replacement parts and passenger and commercial vehicle tires. All VDO TPMS replacement parts are made in ISO-certified facilities to the same quality standards as the OE parts supplied to automakers worldwide.