It’s a no brainer! Good education and training are what profitable TPMS service is all about. Although the technology behind TPMS may be simple, servicing the system is not. That’s because there are so many different sensors on the market, along with a lot of vehicle application criteria, and a host of different relearn procedures.

If you install the wrong sensor, import an incorrect model year, use out-of-date scan tool software, or botch a relearn, you’ve got trouble. Worst part is that you won’t have a clue until after you’re done and the light on the dash illuminates. So, unless you have the latest information and know what you are doing, that little, federally-mandated safety device your customers need can drive you crazy…eating up your valuable time and your profits.

But that doesn’t have to happen, and that’s why Continental, one of the industry’s leading OE TPMS manufacturers, is dedicated to giving you the right TPMS training and educational tools to easily and efficiently service virtually any vehicle that comes into your shop.

Get TPMS – 2020 Vision

For starters, Continental has a new TPMS training program for 2020 called, TPMS – 2020 Vision: It is not just the warning light! The new program is designed to give you true ‘20-20 vision’ when it comes to proper TPMS service, and the heart of the program is the website. The website gives you everything you need to do the job right – a complete library of training videos, installation instructions, relearn procedures, service tips, FAQs, sensor application lookups, and even a glossary of TPMS terms.

With over 16 training videos and a library of installation instructions, relearn procedures, service tips, the website is the most valuable TPMS tool you’ll ever use.


Hands on TPMS Training and Free Tech Support

Continental has a special team of TIA-Certified (Tire Industry Association), TPMS Training Specialists that travel the country instructing technicians on the latest TPMS updates and service techniques. There’s a  free, tech support hotline at 800-265-1818 that gets you quick, expert help whenever you need it. Continental will also come to your area and coordinate a TPMS training session.

Continental Sales Technical Training Specialist, Sean Lannoo, leads a team of TIA-Certified instructors offering TPMS training to shops across the country.

As part of its national training efforts, Continental is sponsoring the Certified Automotive Tire Service (ATS) 300 and 400-level certification program conducted by TIA for the professional passenger and light truck tire technicians.

Continental instructional videos can be viewed at and YouTube. The TPMS glossary can be downloaded at and TPMS sensor applications can be found on: Continental’s “Conti Parts App” and at

So, whether you’re rotating a tire, fixing a flat, or popping on a new set of treads, check out Continental’s training resources and do it right, the first time, every time!

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