From TPMS relearn procedures, to proper install procedures for rubber stem sensors, our how-to TPMS videos will show you the proper procedures for ensuring that both the sensor and the entire TPMS system are functioning properly.

Our how-to videos for TPMS service will help you do the job right the first time, to avoid comebacks and keep your customers happy.

Verifying the TPMS sensor frequency

If you neglect to verify your TPMS sensors’ frequency, your relearn may fail. Learn how to verify the frequency.


Learn how to install VDO REDI-Sensors SE10001HP and SE10001HPR in high-pressure mode with this demo from Sean Lannoo from Continental.

Unlocking VDO REDI-Sensor 2A and 3A

If you’re having trouble relearning a REDI-Sensor SE10002A or SE10003A to the vehicle, the sensor may need to be unlocked. This video will show you how to unlock these VDO REDI-Sensors.

TPMS Tricks and Tips

These simple TPMS Tricks and Tips can keep your TPMS service time down and success rate up. 

Sneak Peek Demo

In a live demonstration, The VDO REDI-Sensor team demonstrates how one VDO REDI-Sensor multi-application TPMS sensor can work in a GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicle, with no programming and no cloning required.

Retriggering VDO REDI-Sensor TPMS Sensors during Toyota Relearns

When it comes to TPMS relearns, Toyotas can be a little tricky. Here are some valuable tech tips to make servicing Toyota TPMS systems easier for you.

REDI-Sensor Overview

Steve Landis, Senior Product Manager for Continental TPMS, explains how Continental developed REDI-Sensor multi-application TPMS sensor in response to the need for a ‘better mousetrap’ in Tire Pressure Monitoring System service.

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Glossary of Terms

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