REDI-Sensor and Autodiagnos TPMS Tools:

Both from Continental. Optimized to work together. Now at manufacturer-direct savings.

You’ll get the simplest, most reliable, and most profitable TPMS service when you combine REDI-Sensor with Autodiagnos TPMS Tools. That’s why we’ve created the REDI-Sensor / Autodiagnos bundles.

Because REDI-Sensor and Autodiagnos are both from Continental, you get complete compatibility between your tool and your sensors. Compatibility keeps your TPMS service work moving.

If you do TPMS service in your shop, you need it to be simple, reliable, and profitable. And that’s what you get when you combine Autodiagnos™ TPMS Tools and REDI-Sensor multi-application TPMS sensors.


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