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  • Do I need to program REDI-Sensor?

    Do I need to program REDI-Sensor?

    No, REDI-Sensor is pre-programmed… ready right out of the box. It does need to be relearned to the vehicle as does every aftermarket sensor, whether it is an OE sensor, programmable or universal sensor, or multi-application sensor.

  • Are TPMS batteries replaceable?

    Are TPMS batteries replaceable?

    No… TPMS batteries are sealed into the sensor and are not accessible.

  • How do I do a TPMS relearn?

    How do I do a TPMS relearn?

    Our online catalog site, provides PDF instructions for each of our TPMS sensors. Look up the year/make/model you’re working on and you’ll find downloadable PDF instructions for the specific sensor. You can also find step-by-step instructions on our YouTube channel

  • What’s the difference between a steady vs flashing TPMS light

    What’s the difference between a steady vs flashing TPMS light

    If the TPMS light comes on and stays on, one or more of the tires has low pressure and needs to be inflated to the placard pressure. 

    If the TPMS light flashes, one or more of the sensors is not communicating with the vehicle.

    The sensor could be damaged or have a dead battery. OE TPMS sensors typically last 7-10 years. If the vehicle is in this year range with one dead battery, the rest are likely to die soon.

    If one or more of the sensors needs to be replaced, the test features found on some TPMS scan tools can help identify which sensor is bad. 

    Knowing the status of each sensor will help you determine the service plan before breaking down the tires.

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