• Use only TPMS-specific service kit parts. Never use a standard brass valve core in a TPMS sensor!
  • Always use new TPMS service kit parts. Never reuse service parts that have been previously installed.
  • Always use a torque tool to tighten sensor hex nuts or other threaded TPMS components to proper specifications.
  • TPMS sensors only need to be replaced if they’ve been damaged, or if the battery is worn out.
  • Always check the spare tire to determine if it’s TPMS-equipped and working properly.
  • Replacement TPMS sensors must be relearned to the vehicle, plus a relearn may also be required after performing a tire rotation.
  • When doing any type of work that uncovers a control unit or wiring, carefully seal the components to protect from any type of moisture or chemical contact. If they are not protected, problems can arise with the TPMS sensors, including inaccurate pressure readings.

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